The queens gambit townes cast

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Beth Harmon Anya Taylor-Joy isn't a woman who's easily flustered. In Netflix's new limited series The Queen's Gambitshe beats numerous men in chess without batting an eye. But when she meets Townes, played by Jacob Fortune-Lloydshe's smitten immediately. I thought that was really interesting.

In order to prepare for the role, Fortune-Lloyd perfected his chess game. And apparently he got pretty good. Because Jacob was good. He played properly," Brodie-Sangster replied.

Chess is just one in Fortune-Lloyd's toolbox of non-acting skills: according to his Guild Hall School biohe also can dance, ride horses, beatbox, and play the harmonica.

He's also used to doing odd prep work for his roles: while playing Archbishop Francesco Salviati in Netflix's Medicihe studied snakes in order to channel the character's sneakiness. But The Queen's Gambit is inarguably one of his biggest roles yet. And while his character may not have been good enough to trounce Beth, his chess skills were definitely the talk of the Netflix set.

By Martha Sorren.A show about an orphaned chess prodigy who spends her high school years and early twenties on a relentless quest to become the best player in the world may not sound like particularly thrilling TV, but trust us—you won't be able to look away from The Queen's Gambit. The Netflix miniseries is part inspirational tale of a young girl's unflagging ambition, part gritty drama about her struggle with substance abuseand part sexy s period piece.

It's an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, and after nearly four decades in development hell—during which, at one point, Heath Ledger was attached to direct and star—the version of The Queen's Gambit was helmed and created by Scott Frank, and stars an ensemble cast of ultra-recognizable stars who will have you wondering where, exactly, you've seen them before. Instead of scrambling down a Wikipedia black hole, click through to unravel the mystery of who's who in the cast of The Queen's Gambit.

the queens gambit townes cast

Taylor-Joy takes the lead role in The Queen's Gambit as a chess prodigy who will stop at nothing to reach her goal of defeating the USSR's many grandmasters. Taylor-Joy made a name for herself in Hollywood as something of a horror aficionado, but has recently begun to show off just how capably she can steal the spotlight in every other genre, too— for proof, look no further than her star turns as Beth Harmon and in the titular role of the latest adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.

Jolene has already been at the Methuen Home for Girls for a while when Beth arrives, and advises the younger girl to hoard the tranquilizer pills they're given each day, leading to the beginning of Beth's years-long dependency on the pills. Later, Jolene returns to Beth's life at exactly the right time, when she's most in need of a friend.

Deardorff runs the Kentucky orphanage where Beth is taken after the death of her mother, and grants her permission to practice chess both in and outside of the orphanage. Beth stumbles upon Mr. Shaibel, the orphanage's custodian, playing chess with himself in the basement soon after her arrival at Methuen, and thus begins her obsession with the game. Later, even after she's left the orphanage, he supplies her entrance fee for her first-ever chess competition. An unhappy housewife and Beth's adopted mother, Alma blossoms over time as she uses her daughter's burgeoning chess career as an opportunity to basically Eat Pray Love her own life.

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Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Beth develops an almost immediate crush on Townes when they play at her first-ever chess competition, culminating years later in an awkward one-on-one hangout full of mixed signals and confusion. But all is not lost: Townes swoops back in later to play a big part in getting Beth ready for her Russian matches.

Matt and Mike meet Beth at her first chess meet, and continue to pop up throughout the series to offer her a pep talk, backup, or a fun night away from chess prep whenever she most needs it.

As with many of the young men in Beth's life, Harry goes from being a competitor to a friend to a love interest throughout the series. Yet another member of Beth's roster of competitor-friend-lovers, Benny has the somewhat oxymoronic persona of the bad boy of chess, and plays a major role in getting Beth to the USSR to face down her Russian competition.

Borgov looms large in the series as Beth's 1 competitor. They first go head-to-head at a Mexico City competition, the loss of which haunts Beth for years, before meeting up once again in Borgov's native Russia at the series' climax.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Phil Bray Netflix. Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon. Moses Ingram as Jolene. Christiane Seidel as Ms. Bill Camp as Mr.

Marielle Heller as Alma Wheatley.The closeness of the players and the focused concentration make it an exhilarating spectacle, especially if the opponent is particularly good looking. Townes in her first proper tournament.

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She instantly falls head over heels for her fellow player but her feelings remain unrequited by Townes. The seven-episode limited series tells the story of Beth Harmon Anya Taylor-Joy who is an orphaned chess prodigy.

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We follow Beth from her childhood until she becomes a young adult and one of the best chess players in the world. However, while Beth competes in several high-stakes matches to become a Grandmaster, her biggest opponent is herself as she struggles with addiction.

Beth is shown to have an instant crush on her fellow player but her affection for him remains unrequited and simply platonic throughout the series. Instead, Beth ends up in relationships with Harry Beltik and Benny Watts, both of which eventually come to an end. In other news, Jujutsu Kaisen episode Release date and time for international audiences. Skip to content. Paul Fogarty. Have something to tell us about this article? Let us know.After meeting Townes at her first chess tournament, Beth develops a crush on him, and the two navigate a complex friendship that follows them for the rest of their lives.

For Beth, Townes represents her platonic ideal of a perfect romantic partner that is forever just out of her reach, and her childhood crush that turned into an unrequited love. Beth was abandoned by her father and her adoptive father, and her idea of Townes as a romantic partner is just as impossible as a relationship with her father.

Beth is extremely lonely for most of her life, and most of her relationships are an attempt to simply find companionship.

the queens gambit townes cast

After her adoptive mother dies, she lives alone and socializes mostly with the chess players she is competing against. Harry is in love with an idyllic fantasy of Beth that simply does not exist. Although he recognizes her destructive instincts, he spends his time trying to fix her, not understand her. Their romantic relationship ends when Harry comes to terms with the fact that the fantasy-version of Beth isn't real, and leaves the chess world entirely.

Beth, for her part, is trying to mask her loneliness and find companionship through romantic relationships. When her friends actually get to know the real Beth and can dispel their version of her, Beth is finally able to see herself - and start to visualize her chess games without the drugs or alcohol. Kay McGuire is a Seattle-based features writer for Screen Rant with an interest in movies, television, and musical theatre.

With a background in the professional theater industry, she now writes about movies and pop culture for the internet. Find her on twitter at benafflecksmoke. By Kay McGuire Nov 12, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Related Topics SR Originals the queen's gambit.The Queen's GambitNetflix's thrilling new miniseries about a young woman's quest to become a chess grandmaster, is full of familiar faces.

Townes, another competitor, friend, and maybe-love interest for Beth. Townes, a college-level chess player, pops up multiple times throughout the series: He plays and loses to Beth in her first chess meet, interviews and photographs her for a newspaper story in a one-on-one hotel room hangout that quickly turns awkward, and, ultimately, reunites with the prodigy to support her as she battles multiple Soviet grandmasters in the series' climax.

Townes is one of Fortune-Lloyd's biggest onscreen roles to date, but we'd be willing to bet that he'll soon be everywhere, thanks to his charming star turn in The Queen's Gambit. In the meantime, here's everything we already know about the actor. According to his Guildhall biohe can speak Italian and French, boasts impressive singing, dancing, and stage combat skills, plays multiple instruments, and can beatbox. He's also an avid sportsman, dabbling in rugby, tennis, horse riding, swimming, and soccer, the latter of which is confirmed by one line of his Instagram bio : "Actor, still planning on being a footballer.

the queens gambit townes cast

The school bio also notes that Fortune-Lloyd has a "strong ear for accents," which is clearly on display in The Queen's Gambitin which he replaced his Oxford English accent with a near-flawless American one. On the big screen, you may have spotted him in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's Crooked House or in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkeralthough he unfortunately joined the series on the wrong side of history, as a Sith fleet officer.

Offscreen, Fortune-Lloyd is a prolific stage actor. Fortune-Lloyd hasn't actually given any interviews about his part in the hit miniseries, but according to his costars, his onscreen chess moves were backed by actual expertise. In a recent interview in which Melling and Brodie-Sangster admitted that they had no idea what they were doing as they moved their chess pieces around in The Queen's Gambitthey agreed that Fortune-Lloyd was "really good" and "played properly.

While his costars didn't mention whether Fortune-Lloyd arrived on set as a fully formed chess whiz, or if he learned to play specifically for the role, totally immersing himself in his roles is kind of the actor's M. In an interview on the set of Medicifor example, Fortune-Lloyd shared that he achieved Salviati's particularly serpentine way of moving and speaking by studying literal snakes—and most notably The Jungle Book 's Kaa.

What we do know for sure, however, is that Fortune-Lloyd set at least one very important goal for his part in The Queen's Gambit : to make chess sexy. For one thing, when the show premiered, he posted a photo with Taylor-Joy on Instagram captioned, "Chess was always sexy, y'all just catching up.

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David M. Benett Getty Images. Who is Jacob Fortune-Lloyd? Phil Bray Netflix. Andrea Park Andrea Park is a Chicago-based writer and reporter with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the extended Kardashian-Jenner kingdom, early s rom-coms and celebrity book club selections.Sign In.

Edit The Queen's Gambit Co-Creator 7 episodes, Walter Tevis Beth Harmon 7 episodes, Chloe Pirrie Alice Harmon 6 episodes, Bill Camp Shaibel 5 episodes, Marcin Dorocinski Vasily Borgov 5 episodes, Marielle Heller Alma Wheatley 5 episodes, Thomas Brodie-Sangster Benny Watts 4 episodes, Moses Ingram Jolene 4 episodes, Harry Melling Harry Beltik 4 episodes, Isla Johnston Young Beth Harmon 4 episodes, Janina Elkin Borgov's Wife 4 episodes, Matthew Dennis Lewis Matt 4 episodes, Russell Dennis Lewis Mike 4 episodes, Patrick Kennedy Allston Wheatley 3 episodes, Christiane Seidel Helen Deardorff 3 episodes, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Townes 4 episodes, Akemnji Ndifornyen Fergusson 3 episodes, Annabeth Kelly Margaret 4 episodes, Andruscha Hilscher Another Russian 3 episodes, Rebecca Root Miss Lonsdale 2 episodes, Clement Guyot Tournament Director 2 episodes, Zoe Hoche Girl 1 2 episodes, Frederic Stromenger Miss Graham 2 episodes, Katherine Towe Girl 2 2 episodes, Mia-Luisa Schrader Girl in Elevator 2 episodes, Laura Danne Jolene's Friend 2 episodes, Nina Herzberg Margaret's Friend 2 episodes, Richard Waugh Bradley 2 episodes, Marian Meder Espero 2 episodes, Frieda Raab Beth's Father 3 episodes, Emma Henker Giggling Girl 1 2 episodes, William Horberg Apple Pi Girl 3 2 episodes, Marlene Leinemann Apple Pi Girl 4 2 episodes, Matteo VinogradovScott Frank's latest masterpiece, The Queen's Gambit, tells the life story of Beth Harmon, a supremely talented chess player who's caught up in a seemingly never-ending struggle between wanting to rise higher in the ranks and numbing her pain by consuming larger and larger quantities of sedatives and alcohol.

She lives for the thrill of the game, but she is less able to achieve similar success in other areas of her life. Take, for instance, her strange fascination with D.

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Towneswho is gay. Although it was released on Netflix on Friday, Oct. The crisp cinematography, the beautiful costumes, and, of course, the story revolving around a genius chess player battling her demons had a gripping effect on many.

However, what made the viewers more eager to raise further questions was the heroine's interest in a fellow chess player, D.

Townes and Beth - Silence.

Beth first bumps into the devilishly handsome young man at a chess tournament. Despite some initial hesitation, she chooses to defeat him — but her newfound feelings won't vanish quite so easily. As the second episode of the show, "Exchanges," reveals, Beth ends up falling for him. The narrative twist surprised many viewers, some of whom have taken it to Twitter to conduct a more in-depth inquiry. Is he gay???? Expertly played by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, the character is beautifully introduced as the opponent Beth would briefly entertain the idea of sacrificing a win for.

The episode shows the two as they go on to have a heart-to-heart — only to be interrupted by Roger, whom Townes lives with. Although Beth and Townes never go on to pursue a more romantic affair, this doesn't affect their relationship. Townes isn't the only chess player Beth develops feelings for.