Loft design ideas living room

Loft interior design is known for its unique industrial warehouse look. Its main and distinctive features are high ceilings, the absence of any partitions and the presence of industrial elements rough brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement floor, etc. Loft Bedroom 2. Loft Living Room 3. Loft Kids Rooms 4. Loft Bathroom 5. Loft Kitchen 6. Small Home Loft interior 7. Loft Decor. The ideal configuration of loft style interior design is to locate the sleeping area in the center of the space, and accessorize it with neutral-colored, monochromatic bedding.

The focal point of a loft style bedroom interior could be a fireplace, a brick wall, exposed beams and pipes or a cement floor.

The main features of a loft style living room are large windows, a wooden floor, rough walls and a massive stylish sofa made from high-quality leather or thick textiles.

The space near the sofa can be filled with chairs, ottomans and a coffee table. In loft interior design, the bathroom, bedroom and utility rooms are hidden from view. The toilet is always concealed, while the bathtub can often be located directly in the sleeping area. Generally, very little space is allocated for the kitchen in loft interior design. As a general rule, the kitchen is located in one of the corners of the living room. The interior of the kitchen combines a large amount of glass and chrome.

The central area in the kitchen contains modern equipment: a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an oven and a coffee machine. Remodeling a one or two-bedroom apartment in loft style is rather difficult. First of all, special attention should be paid to the redevelopment process: non-load-bearing walls have to be partially or completely demolished and several living areas should be brought together as one.

Loft Interior Design. Loft Ideas for Small Bedroom Design Using loft interior design techniques, you can give a small bedroom the illusion of more space by installing a panoramic window, a large mirror or a fitted wardrobe with glossy doors. Loft Ideas for Small Living Room To design a one or two-room apartment in loft style, keep these guidelines in mind: the color scheme should be light, the best colors to choose from are — brown, grey and white.

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The presence of multi-purpose furniture is also important. The furniture you choose can also act as a zone delimiter. Loft Ideas for Small Kids Rooms A bunk bed or loft bed will not only save space, but it will also create the illusion of having an additional floor, a feature which is often found in loft spaces. Loft Ideas for Small Bathroom It is often a good idea to install a shower enclosure in a small bathroom.Remodeling your home and trying to find the best ways to add in a loft living room?

Several homes that are crunched for enough space search for a loft space to integrate in their living room. Here are some inspirational ideas that can very well transform the living room space into a unique environment. Each one offers a fresh alternative that you got to see! Many have taken to the idea of integrating a loft to create a unique space for small social gatherings. The advantage is that you get a more private space, well separated but equally connected to the rest of the house.

This is perfect for young homeowners. Loft Living Furniture Design mariakillam. However, you might also want to keep the furniture minimal when in crunch for space. Adding cabinets and wardrobes will unnecessarily take up extra space that could have been used to laze around.

Well, you can always look up to cabinetry that is inlaid in the walls itself. If you are adding tables to the floor, make sure they come with enough desk space. Living Room Loft Stairs fourbrotherscarpentry.

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When it comes to stairs, you can choose among a variety of structures, right from circular wooden ones to floating steps! Living Room Small Lamps brunskilldesign. A corner installation, like in this case not only looks unique but also creates a warm ambiance. You can always have ceiling fixtures for better illumination, but with this switched on, you have a perfect ambiance for a night of fun and party! Just make sure you plan the perfect furnishing layout and have adequate lighting to make the space look fuller.

Loft Interior Design meshberggroup.

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The use of different kind of materials and sticking to a theme works well to create a balanced ambiance. Industrial Loft Living Room studiodform.By Laura Crombie TZ. If you want, or need to introduce extra living space into your home, then a loft conversion could be the answer. Because a well-designed attic room will not only create extra habitable space to help free up a busy household, but whether you want to add an extra lounge, bathroom, guest bedroom or even open plan kitchen to your home, it's a really clever alternative to an extension that could even up your property's value We've gathered a sound variety of loft conversion ideas below, along with design considerations to help get your project underway.

But, before you begin any work on the interior design, it's vital to understand your needs, the room's configuration and more, so keep scrolling to see how a simple loft extension can truly transform your property, and for advice on loft conversion costs be sure to check out our ultimate guide. A simple rooflight conversion was completed at the front of this semi-detached house in Beckenham by Econoloft.

If you're browsing small loft conversion ideas — perhaps a small, child's bedroom, a home office, maybe even a kids' TV room or teen crash pad, first work out whether your small loft is even big enough to convert.

We love the simple design of this small loft room, and the light colour scheme brightens it up so that it feels more roomy than it actually measures out to be! Sloping ceilings in attic conversions may seem like a challenge but they are exciting to work with. Be clever with your furniture placement to make the best use of them. If your loft conversion is on the smaller side, or you're opting for a couple of small rooms as opposed to one large one, take advantage of the naturally cosy feel offered by small spaces.

While opting for a light coloured scheme — you really can't beat white — has the power to make a loft rooms feel larger and lighter, it needs to be balanced out to prevent it from feeling too clinical.

Try to pair lighter colours with warm woods and the occasional soft furnishing in a deeper shade to ensure the room feels cosy and welcoming — this is especially important if your loft conversion is a means of creating a guest or spare room.

Use these cosy bedroom decorating ideas for more inspiration. You need to consider the layout of your completed loft conversion long before you start work. This means deciding where you will position pieces of furniture, the bathroom and any built-in storage. If you are planning an en suitetake into account the ceiling height in the space and prioritise pieces — namely the shower and hand basin — that cannot compromise on headroom.

If you have a larger loft bedroom then you can be more dramatic with your layout. Keeping your bed central will make more of a visual impact, and otherwise, think about breaking up and zoning the space. Rather than pushing everything against the walls, consider a stud wall — as above — which will allow you to create an ensuite or wardrobe, while you could even use a tall headboard as a room divider to hide more storage behind it and help keep the rest of your room clutter free.

Loft ideas for bedrooms: remember that blackout blinds are a sound option to ensure that an attic bedroom is as practical for sleeping in, as it beautiful to look at. Taking time to think about the size and position of your windows is an important aspect of a loft conversion design. As a general rule, glazing should make up 20 per cent of the roof area if you're keen to maximise natural light. The position of the windows will often be dictated by the shape of the roof; for example, a long, shallow room will benefit from windows spaced evenly along its length, whereas a narrow, deeper room will benefit from one large window.

Use our guide to maximising daylight to get tons more tips for bringing light into your loft conversion. And see our guide to blinds for loft conversion windows to ensure you can make it perfectly dark when you want to, too.

loft design ideas living room

Attic conversions can work for those wanting a stylish home office where storage is readily available too. If you have all the living space you need downstairs but are lacking bedrooms and bathroomsthen a loft conversion can be the perfect way to bring your home into proportion. Most loft conversions are used for an extra bedroom or two with en suite bathroom. If your home has amazing views, you could consider moving some of the living spaces up into the new loft too, to take advantage of them.

If you're going for a big loft conversion and adding a kitchen, then consider sticking to an open plan kitchen layout to max out the space.Lofts are particularly sought after because of their high ceilings and open floor plans.

15 Loft Designs Adding Second Floor to Modern Interiors

When designing a loft apartment, the main idea is to emphasize the interesting structural elements. Today we show you how you can decor your living room in a loft. Furnished simply, this urban loft interior is accentuated with a light turquoise rug and a faux deer head hanging on the wall. Warm, neutral colors are generally favored for industrially designed spaces, which are typically large and open. Such hues help to bring visual warmth to an area that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts.

Shades of gray work very well. Even a small loft can become a candidate for a perfect dream home. This loft is an example of how great partitioning and vividly bright spaces adorned with simple colors and patterns can transform a boring space into a elegant loft. The larger ceiling provides this or else cramped family room a new rent on lifestyle.

The extra area is quietly taken up with a geometric lighting fixture that will prevents the area from searching empty plus unfinished.

Loft conversion ideas – 25 ways to design your loft conversion

The advantange of the lofts is that having a high ceiling and we can enjoy all the space we have. Imagine you can see the whole city throughout the part of the loft. With this floor to ceiling windows you will have light everyday. An apartment with an industrial decoration with a very welcoming masculine touch. If you like this kind of decoration some of the keys to achieve this are metallic objects, many shades of gray cement something to look at and some wood details.

A small and simple space can be adorable, like this loft. Is perfect if you living alone. We hope you liked our article. Dining Tables And Chairs. Dining And Living Room.

Modern Floor Lamps. Modern Chairs. Modern Tables. Buffets And Cabinets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. NET Warm, neutral colors are generally favored for industrially designed spaces, which are typically large and open.

Related Blogs.Space saving loft designs that add the second floor to small rooms are a great way to increase living spaces and create stylish, contemporary and functional small rooms. Space saving loft designs are fabulous ideas that maximize available small spaces. Lushome shares a collection of loft designs, giving great inspirations for transforming modern interiors into more spacious and interesting. Loft designs that add the second floor to small spaces are inexpensive and very attractive.

Lofts add character to small rooms and create contemporary ambiance.

loft design ideas living room

A good floor plan and sturdy structure for loft designs will help save building time and protect a family budget from unnecessary expenses. Loft designs are ideal for large and small rooms with high ceilings that allow to add the second level to interiors.

Loft designs are convenient and space saving. Some people add lofts to all small rooms in the house, others build one large loft above their living room turning it into a home office, library or media room.


If you want to add a loft to your room, you need to think of a staircase leading to the mezzanine. Sleeping loft design with translucent walls, modern interior design ideas for small spaces.

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Loft designs require smaller furniture items, efficient lighting and good space saving layout plans. Lofts designs and stairs need to blend with existing interiors. Designers advise to use small loft designs to increase the living spaces without losing stylish look of the main floor.

A solid foundation is an important element of loft designs. Usually lofts are built with timber frames supported by existing walls. The frames have beams which create strength of the second floor structures. Even small loft designs are quite heavy, especially with furniture items, shelves and beds. A wooden ladder, metal and wooden staircase designs can be considered for lofts. The balance of convenient staircase designs and space saving solutions create beautiful lofts.

Fold down beds and bunk beds for space saving and modern interior design. Traditional staircase designs take a lot of space, so for small apartments contemporary wall stairs can be a great space saving solution. A spiral staircase design is another great alternative for space saving interior design with a loft. Loft designs are not separated visually from the main floor living spaces, and their interior design need to match the room on the first level.

You may use similar interior design materials and color combinations for loft designs to make them match the living spaces on the main floor. Bright and light room colors, light furniture and effective lighting design are ideal for decorating lofts and creating great small spaces that stretch and enhance modern interior design.

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Modern bedroom decorating in eco style blends simple and beautiful ideas. Natural materials and room colors, natural bedding sets, house plants, Natural themes and winter holiday decorations made with raw materials define modern trends and Christmas decorating ideas in eco style.

Traditional Christmas decor ideas and charming red colors create a memorable, festive, and warm atmosphere of old-fashioned Christmas. Red colors add Indigo blue Christmas colors bring versatile, elegant, and modern decorating ideas for the winter holidays.Characterized by spacious floor plans, industrial architectural features, high ceilings, and plenty of windows, lofts are sought-after spaces for city living.

See some of our favorites from top designers that incorporate creative layouts, sophisticated seating, and one-of-a-kind touches.

Sophisticated Loft Spaces from Top Designers

Playful, contemporary touches light up a Tribeca loft by Taconic Builders. Clean lines, blue-based neutrals, and a stunning glass partition shine in this modern loft by B Interior LLC. An art-filled living area by Axis Mundi features punches of yellow and turquoise. A sparsely decorated living room by Magdalena Keck Interior Design. An assortment of patterns and textures add interest in this space by Eclectic Home.

Earth tones complement the antique furniture and accents in a loft by Andrea Michaelson Design. Soft browns and pastels spice up a largely neutral palette in this project by Brooke Moorhead Design. Playful accents brighten up an interior by Sara Gilbane Interiors. Mixed metals and neutral color choices bring out the brick walls.

Design by Jessica Lagrange Interiors. A live edge coffee table complements the design by Amy Lau Design. A red structural beam provides both function and beauty to this loft in Venice by Curated.

loft design ideas living room

An industrial loft featuring eclectic artworks by Hubert Zandberg Interiors. A thickly textured rug and brilliantly colored painting round out a contemporary loft by Posh Exclusive Interiors.

A large orange and sea-foam painting, combined with minimalist elements, keeps this Austin living area visually interesting. Design by J. Fisher Interiors. Celebrity Style. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Presented by.Clever budget-friendly ideas infused with stylish design and functional storage makes this compact loft apartment by Sigmar ideal living in London, England. A lush space. Fashion, models, menswear, streetstyle and home interior - Modern Moreau. Working from home is already great, but a credenza desk makes it even better.

We Serve clients Nationwide with services ranging from interior design for renovations, new construction, and furniture design. A pop of blue for the living room. Terrific Camo Living Room Ideas Wallpaper Acquiring furnishings into your home is a lasting investment so make sure you analyze the furnishings to learn how good it is is actually manufactured. Small Living rooms might appear to be quite catchy.

One of the trickiest aspects of living in a small apartment and working from home is the lack of a proper office space. Since many of you are now thrust into working from home for the unforeseeable future, carving out a space to make that easier is crucial. I had a request to share some …. Storage ottoman has always been a trendy piece of furniture. They are a stylish addition to your interior setting and here are our top 30 best picks. The fashion designer's apartment in Greenwich Village is filled with pristine midcentury pieces that match the meticulous style of his clothing collections.

In one of Tribeca's most iconic buildings, Los Angeles firm Consort eschews the traditional masculine retreat in favor of a sophisticated, unexpectedly bold living space. An architect transforms a 1,square-foot white box into a glamorous retreat that conceals more than it reveals.